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We are leather carpets’ exporters.

We make exports to Spain, USA, Latin America, Europe, etc.

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All leathers produced at Kara Leathers are of origin bovine, emaciated, tanned and fulled.

The products used for the tanning process are the first line, which means that once finished, cowhides with hair have a shine, softness and excellent texture.

Each and every cowhide has unique characteristics that make them irreproducible.

The animals are exposed to the field item, so they have scratches, scrapes, wrinkles in the neck and brands of stay.

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Patchwork cowhide rugs with hair



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Types of Garage Doors – TDG

Types of Garage Doors
If you are searching for the perfect garage door you might be in for a surprise. There are multiple different types of doors and it can get overwhelming. So, you will have to choose the one type that fits your needs the most.

The first thing most people notice about suburban homes is the garage doors. After all, almost every single family has their own car. And a lot of families have more than one. This means that the garage doors take up to 20 feet of space. In fact, a lot of people even use the garage doors as main entry points for their homes.
When it comes to types of doors it is safe to say that there are many. There are four general types of garage doors. They mostly vary by the way they open. The carriage doors, for an example, open by swinging out. Other doors may swing or roll up or even slide to the side to open.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, we can help you pick the best type for your garage.

For an example, the swing out carriage type is perfect for those who want to keep their ceiling clear. And for those who simply like how they look. The sliding type is great for those that have enough room for them and want the same benefits the carriage type offers.

The roll-up type is the most popular one. And for a reason. They are very simple to use and take up next to no space when you open them. However, they do require 15 inches of headroom. And, if you don’t have that much, you can pay about a 100 dollars extra to get a low-headroom track.
Another thing you should note when it comes to garage door styles is the material. For an example, you can use wood. It provides a charming feel and stands up to playing balls well. And, if you have kids, you can imagine how important that is. The disadvantage is that they need more maintenance and can be very expensive.

Another material you may choose is steel. It is generally a good choice that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you should know that these doors can rust if they get any scratches on them.

Or, you can go for aluminum garage doors. They are very useful and light and they do not rust. However, a heavy-duty aluminum garage door can be very expensive.
In the end
Finding the right type for your garage door repair mostly depends on your needs and specifications of your garage. You might have a lot of room in front of your garage door. In that case, a swing out (or up) type is perfect for you. If however, you don’t have a lot of spare space, using the roll-up style is the most popular solution. Even if it does require a bit of headroom. If you have none, you can opt for a slide-to-side door.

Garage Door Insulation Repair

Garage door insulation is one of those things that we often don’t think about when it comes to choosing a garage door or when thinking about our garage door as a whole. When you are looking at your first garage door you are looking at a few different factors but the most important one is probably price followed by looks. You aren’t thinking about the amount of insulation between two panels or how much the extra insulation might cost you in the long run. Unless you are really prepared for the decision you might come out of your first garage door installation experience slightly under equipped.

That isn’t to say that you won’t be happy with your garage door at all, it’s just that yo may have over looked a few things. It is important to look at something like your garage door’s insulation before you make a purchase in order to save yourself a hassle and a fair bit of money. Extra insulation may occur to you after the fact or you might even not realize it was something you could have benefited from until you’re changing the usage of your garage entirely. Then you’ll be left with a bill that could possibly have been lessened from he outset.

The reasons to go ahead with insulation in a garage door are pretty simple. First off is the energy consumption idea. While you may not be heating or cooling your garage directly it is still going to be attached to your home in most cases and so will be benefitting from the heating and cooling going on in your home. What this means is that the garage will be acting in some ways as a buffer between your home and the outdoors. Any extra degree of heat or coolness depending on the time of year then is one that helps to keep your home a little bit more temperate. A whole wall essentially could be shielded from the outside air more effectively if your garage is insulated properly. This means that keeping your home at a constant temperature then is much more manageable and so costs you less money. How much money depends on your home, how much you control the temperature and a few other things, but there will be some energy saving to be had for a more insulated garage.

If you didn’t go ahead and spring for the insulated garage door there are a few things you can do. You can wait until a garage door repair is needed and totally revamp things with an entirely new garage door. You could also just install a brand new garage door anyway which will cost you money needlessly almost. Aftermarket garage door insulation is an option that some opt for if it is still early on in your garage door’s life or you can just deal with things until the garage door eventually needs to be replaced.

If you are looking at a garage door repair on an older garage door then getting a new more insulated one is a smart decision. The usability of your garage will increase and you could possibly make some real savings as far as energy goes. The extra room that doesn’t lose all its heat and cooling also means that your home is essentially larger. You are then able to turn that garage into something more than it used to be if you like all because you upped the insulation in your garage door.

3 Most Common Types of Leathers

The leather is one of the widely used products in the world. Not all countries have an adequate amount of leather to manufacture the goods that are required, so countries are largely involved in import and export to meet their leather requirement for manufacturing leather goods. The leather is an animal extract product that has been used in different facets of life. Different types of animals contribute different types of leathers, and each type of leather has its own use. But irrespective of where they are extracted from and how they are put to use there are three major types as far as leather is concerned. So here we are going to see in detail about those three types of leathers:


Common types of leathers:

The highest quantum of leather is used for the production of furniture. Though there are tons of leather-based products, usage of leather is more in furniture, and thereby we are going to stick to furniture and see the types that are involved in furniture.

Three major types of leathers are used in furniture are as follows:

Aniline leather:

If there is one leather type that is used in its purest form, then it is Aniline leather, and that is why most people call it the naked leather. Though it is a high-quality leather, since it is used in its purest form there are a lot of natural pore and marks that will be present on the surface. So it found on an average that only 5% of the people prefer this leather when compared to the other leather types. As we said earlier, the leather goes to the manufacturing point and is manufactured without adding any artificial add-ons to make it look better than before. Though this leather is of high quality, the reason for being less preferred by people is because they are well protected like the other types of leather.

Semi-aniline leather:

It quite higher in terms of usage when compared to the Aniline type of leathers. They are not as pure as the aniline leather. There is a bit of mixture of the other products and add-ons to make it look different from its natural surface. It is simply the semi-conditioned form of Aniline types of leather. It is durable and stays for a longer period of time when compared to the previous type. But the drawback and the factor that people hate about this type of leather is that they look like every other common type of leather, despite being a high-quality extract.

Protected or pigmented leather:

Out of the three that we have on the list, this is the most durable form of leather, and it is the most commonly used type as well. They are too good for making durable furniture sets. The leather is protected with a lot of add-ons and other materials, and thereby it is the toughest of all types of leathers that simply fit for manufacturing any type of durable furniture and matches any type of furniture.


Best Ways to Identify Genuine Leather

Today a lot of products that we use aren’t genuine. We have fake and look-alikes for everything. So it has become a must that we know certain hacks to prevent ourselves from being hoodwinked by suck product forgeries. One of the most important products and the one that we use on a regular basis is leather. The leather is one product that most of us use. If the product is a fake one, then the life of the product is life, because most of us prefer leather not only because they are pretty but also for the life of the product.

Genuine Leather

Ways to identify fake leather:

In most cases when we talk about genuine leather, we are trying to exclude not only the ones that are fake but also the ones that are low-quality as well. So do not get into the misconception that we are trying to spot the fake ones. I am making it clear as to what the term ‘genuine’ is inclusive of. So here are some of the simple ways with which you can spot the difference between the genuine leathers and the ones that are otherwise.

Pull up effect:

Artificial leather doesn’t have a pull-up effect. The pull up effect is the quality of genuine leather. High-quality leather materials will stay long but will eventually change color. But when it comes to fake or low-quality leathers they don’t live long, and the period for which they live, they do not change colors. Leather that is rich oil and wax coating changes color because of the polishing materials that are present on it. Since this is absent in fake leather products, they stay in the same color and die eventually.


Don’t worry if your leather bag or wallet smells bad because that is how true leather smell. After all, they are animal products. But if the leather is fake, it doesn’t carry any smell. In fact, it smells good. So the worse it smells, the better is the quality of the leather.

Faux leather:

Faux Leather is also known by other names as synthetic leather or fake leather. Unlike the original products, they are cheap and do not carry the value that true leather products carry. In case if it is mentioned in the products that it is faux leather, you are buying a low-quality product, but you are aware of it. It is just a matter of affordability. You just have to be aware of the fact that there are faux products available in the market.

Painted or polyurethane layers:

The leather sheets that have polyurethane layers or the ones that are painted do not have the features of genuine leather, which means that genuine leather will be able to absorb the liquid and the other conditioning applicants that you use on it. But if the leather isn’t genuine they do not absorb the content as they are non-porous and that is the reason why they are not good absorbents.


We are leather carpets’ exporters.
We make exports to Spain, USA, Latin America, Europe, etc


3000 Five Points Baltimore, MD 21201.