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The leather is one of the widely used products in the world. Not all countries have an adequate amount of leather to manufacture the goods that are required, so countries are largely involved in import and export to meet their leather requirement for manufacturing leather goods. The leather is an animal extract product that has been used in different facets of life. Different types of animals contribute different types of leathers, and each type of leather has its own use. But irrespective of where they are extracted from and how they are put to use there are three major types as far as leather is concerned. So here we are going to see in detail about those three types of leathers:


Common types of leathers:

The highest quantum of leather is used for the production of furniture. Though there are tons of leather-based products, usage of leather is more in furniture, and thereby we are going to stick to furniture and see the types that are involved in furniture.

Three major types of leathers are used in furniture are as follows:

Aniline leather:

If there is one leather type that is used in its purest form, then it is Aniline leather, and that is why most people call it the naked leather. Though it is a high-quality leather, since it is used in its purest form there are a lot of natural pore and marks that will be present on the surface. So it found on an average that only 5% of the people prefer this leather when compared to the other leather types. As we said earlier, the leather goes to the manufacturing point and is manufactured without adding any artificial add-ons to make it look better than before. Though this leather is of high quality, the reason for being less preferred by people is because they are well protected like the other types of leather.

Semi-aniline leather:

It quite higher in terms of usage when compared to the Aniline type of leathers. They are not as pure as the aniline leather. There is a bit of mixture of the other products and add-ons to make it look different from its natural surface. It is simply the semi-conditioned form of Aniline types of leather. It is durable and stays for a longer period of time when compared to the previous type. But the drawback and the factor that people hate about this type of leather is that they look like every other common type of leather, despite being a high-quality extract.

Protected or pigmented leather:

Out of the three that we have on the list, this is the most durable form of leather, and it is the most commonly used type as well. They are too good for making durable furniture sets. The leather is protected with a lot of add-ons and other materials, and thereby it is the toughest of all types of leathers that simply fit for manufacturing any type of durable furniture and matches any type of furniture.