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Today a lot of products that we use aren’t genuine. We have fake and look-alikes for everything. So it has become a must that we know certain hacks to prevent ourselves from being hoodwinked by suck product forgeries. One of the most important products and the one that we use on a regular basis is leather. The leather is one product that most of us use. If the product is a fake one, then the life of the product is life, because most of us prefer leather not only because they are pretty but also for the life of the product.

Genuine Leather

Ways to identify fake leather:

In most cases when we talk about genuine leather, we are trying to exclude not only the ones that are fake but also the ones that are low-quality as well. So do not get into the misconception that we are trying to spot the fake ones. I am making it clear as to what the term ‘genuine’ is inclusive of. So here are some of the simple ways with which you can spot the difference between the genuine leathers and the ones that are otherwise.

Pull up effect:

Artificial leather doesn’t have a pull-up effect. The pull up effect is the quality of genuine leather. High-quality leather materials will stay long but will eventually change color. But when it comes to fake or low-quality leathers they don’t live long, and the period for which they live, they do not change colors. Leather that is rich oil and wax coating changes color because of the polishing materials that are present on it. Since this is absent in fake leather products, they stay in the same color and die eventually.


Don’t worry if your leather bag or wallet smells bad because that is how true leather smell. After all, they are animal products. But if the leather is fake, it doesn’t carry any smell. In fact, it smells good. So the worse it smells, the better is the quality of the leather.

Faux leather:

Faux Leather is also known by other names as synthetic leather or fake leather. Unlike the original products, they are cheap and do not carry the value that true leather products carry. In case if it is mentioned in the products that it is faux leather, you are buying a low-quality product, but you are aware of it. It is just a matter of affordability. You just have to be aware of the fact that there are faux products available in the market.

Painted or polyurethane layers:

The leather sheets that have polyurethane layers or the ones that are painted do not have the features of genuine leather, which means that genuine leather will be able to absorb the liquid and the other conditioning applicants that you use on it. But if the leather isn’t genuine they do not absorb the content as they are non-porous and that is the reason why they are not good absorbents.