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Types of Garage Doors
If you are searching for the perfect garage door you might be in for a surprise. There are multiple different types of doors and it can get overwhelming. So, you will have to choose the one type that fits your needs the most.

The first thing most people notice about suburban homes is the garage doors. After all, almost every single family has their own car. And a lot of families have more than one. This means that the garage doors take up to 20 feet of space. In fact, a lot of people even use the garage doors as main entry points for their homes.
When it comes to types of doors it is safe to say that there are many. There are four general types of garage doors. They mostly vary by the way they open. The carriage doors, for an example, open by swinging out. Other doors may swing or roll up or even slide to the side to open.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, we can help you pick the best type for your garage.

For an example, the swing out carriage type is perfect for those who want to keep their ceiling clear. And for those who simply like how they look. The sliding type is great for those that have enough room for them and want the same benefits the carriage type offers.

The roll-up type is the most popular one. And for a reason. They are very simple to use and take up next to no space when you open them. However, they do require 15 inches of headroom. And, if you don’t have that much, you can pay about a 100 dollars extra to get a low-headroom track.
Another thing you should note when it comes to garage door styles is the material. For an example, you can use wood. It provides a charming feel and stands up to playing balls well. And, if you have kids, you can imagine how important that is. The disadvantage is that they need more maintenance and can be very expensive.

Another material you may choose is steel. It is generally a good choice that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you should know that these doors can rust if they get any scratches on them.

Or, you can go for aluminum garage doors. They are very useful and light and they do not rust. However, a heavy-duty aluminum garage door can be very expensive.
In the end
Finding the right type for your garage door repair mostly depends on your needs and specifications of your garage. You might have a lot of room in front of your garage door. In that case, a swing out (or up) type is perfect for you. If however, you don’t have a lot of spare space, using the roll-up style is the most popular solution. Even if it does require a bit of headroom. If you have none, you can opt for a slide-to-side door.